Recent Damp proofing, Waterproofing and Painting project in Blair Athol Golf Estate

New project underway in Blair Atholl, massive waterproofing project. We chop the plaster around the house back to the bricks and apply two coats of Coprox to waterproof. We high pressure hose all loose plaster and cracks to get back to a strong solid plaster to which we apply damp cure to waterproof and then we replanted with Coprox cement, normal cement, plasterkey bonding liquid and plaster sand to get the strongest waterproofed barrier.
We will then be fibre sealing all windowsills, parapet walls and certain walls we will do the entire wall. This helps with movement where there is loads of fine cracks and to add another waterproofed layer.
We cut no corners @duarteafricapainting we make sure every job is done the correct way to give our clients peace of mind that their incredible homes will not only look amazing but be professionally waterproofed and painted.


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